Changes to Prime TV

See below, regarding the recent changes to the Prime TV channel and how to retune your SatMax receiver to get Prime again.

SKY TV NZ have recently, purchased the Prime TV channel so it has moved off the Freeview platform (channel list).

However there is good news! All SatMax brand receiver boxes are capable of receiving this new transponder,

however it will require you to do a manual search to receiver the channel.

Please, do NOT default or factory re-set your receiver.

We are happy to offer you this re-tune service for a small fee, alternately, the new Transponder is 12707, the Symbol Rate is 22500 and the Polarity is Horizontal, with this information, you may find you are capable of tuning this in yourself. 

If you require a copy of your receivers user manual to do this search, please see our manuals section by clicking the link below or alternatively contact us by emailing

If you require this done for you, please send your unit into us with your contact details and that you would like Prime TV and we can carry out a re-tune.

Payment will be required before your unit is collected or sent back to you.


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